America’s Greatest Animals

While we might dream of going on safari to Africa, you needn’t cross the globe to see stunning wildlife – America’s got it right here! From the mountains to the prairies, the USA is home to some of the most spectacular wildlife the world has to offer. But which beasts can claim to be America’s Greatest Animals? In this two-hour special for Nat Geo Wild, produced and written by Tria Thalman, we review the most charismatic species in North America, revealing their incredible beauty, phenomenal power and amazing adaptations that set them apart. But only five can be winners. The grizzly bear goes head to head with the mountain lion… bison battle it out with elk and pronghorns… the bald eagle makes a valiant attempt to garner a spot… but who will pass the ultimate test and claim the title as one of America’s Greatest Animals?

America’s Greatest Animals from Tria Thalman on Vimeo.

90mins • Produced by National Geographic Television for Nat Geo Wild, 2011