Hunting the Anthrax Killer

When anthrax-laced letters are mailed to major media companies and prominent U.S. senators shortly after the 9/11 attacks the FBI launches one of its most challenging investigations ever. In total, the letters kill five people and sicken 17 others, making it the worst bio-terrorism attack the United States has ever seen.

After a seven-year manhunt, the FBI concludes that a government bio-defense researcher, Bruce E. Ivins, was responsible for the anthrax mailings. But in 2008, before charges are filed, Ivins commits suicide. Was this seemingly normal citizen actually the anthrax killer? In Hunting the Anthrax Killer researchers examine samples of anthrax from the 2001 attacks — can their findings implicate or exonerate Bruce Ivins?

Produced by NGT for the National Geographic Channel. 50 mins, 2009.


Across the Pond Productions: Hunting the Anthrax Killer from Tria Thalman on Vimeo.