Few species captivate us like the great cats. But each has different strengths and weaknesses. The cheetah can run like the wind but it’s a terrible climber. The leopard can climb but it’s quickly overpowered by a lion. So what would happen if you took the best features from each and created a super cat? What would it look like? Which cats would you turn to for its various parts?

National Geographic brings in three experts to help build the SuperCat:
Craig Saffoe, curator of great cats at Smithsonian’s National Zoo
Greg Erickson, biomechanic at Florida State University
Bhagavan Antle, animal trainer and founder of TIGERS reserve

Together they take us on a journey through the natural world of wild cats, exploring their behaviour and their physical design to find only the best of the best. Watch as SuperCat gradually takes shape through extraordinary computer animation provided by Monarchy Productions.

Premiered on Nat Geo Wild in November 2013 to launch that year’s Big Cat Week.