“Tria has a unique ability to translate complex scientific content into understandable, enjoyable television. For an EP, working with Tria as a producer, director and writer is an incredibly rewarding experience as she makes the whole team look good!”

Beth Hoppe, Vice President Programming, PBS


“Tria combines creative and organizational skills. She’s great at planning and executing shoots and is an excellent writer and storyteller.”

Chris Weber, Vice President Production, Discovery Channel


“Tria is one of my favorite producers to work with.  She is extraordinarily bright, organized and thorough – not to mention fun!  Her devotion to her projects is clear – she puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Tria is a true gem!”

Emily Rogers, Production Manager, Discovery Studios


“Tria is one of the smartest, most well prepared, most level-headed and generally charming producers I’ve ever worked with. She makes hard things look easy.”

Sam Morrison, Editor


“I spent several months working as Tria Thalman’s editor on a host-driven documentary series for the Discovery Channel.  Among her many strengths, the best by far is her ability to keep a complex story within minutes of the desired finished length on the first pass!  Tria’s efficiency in nailing down the main line of the story cuts down significantly on wasted time in the early stages of the edit. Secondly, the sound and music score are my personal strengths in the edit, and it was honestly a fun time to go head-to-head with a producer that actually has a thorough understanding of the complexities of designing the music score and layering sound effects. In recent years, I can count on one hand the number of producers who actually lend any insights into crafting this very important stage of the finished product.  On a personal level, Tria was so fun to work with!  She has a straightforward personality and will call it as she sees it.  We were a true team that tackled some very difficult decisions and never worked against each other during this high-profile series.”

Joi Shilling, Editor


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tria since 2005 on several projects, from documentaries to unique recreations. I’ve always enjoyed the professionalism, her great planning and the easy collaboration and look forward to working with her in the future.”

Stefan Weisan, Cameraman


“Tria comes to the job incredibly prepared. As a cameraman I really feel I have a collaborator that has put in the advance work prior to shoot day. This is not always a given in my world. Her clarity in what she wants to accomplish on set, along with her flexibility in trusting the crew members she has brought to her team, allows for maximum efficiency during production.”

Jim Ball, Cameraman


“Tria has been a model producer to work with. She books me early, includes my process in her production schedule, is clear about what she wants, and allows me room to do what I do best. I always enjoy the folks on her team and I love scoring for her shows because they are compelling and high quality. Tria rocks. In the words of KISS: “You wanted the best, you got the best!”

Adrienne Penebre
Film|TV Composer, Burning Barn Sound & Music